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Jud Holdredge

Jud Holdredge

I grew up with volleyball and have continued to be involved with it for my whole life. Because of the large amount of playing, coaching, and officiating which I have done, I have had the opportunity to acquire a vast amount of knowledge about the sport.

Played for Ernest Holdredge who had 249 wins and no losses, 25 district titles, 1 state and national title and 2nd national run up
On team at Tunkhannock Area High School 1971- 74 (started on varsity for 4 years)

Participated in four PIAA State Championship teams
1971 placed fifth at State Tournament
1972 placed first at State Tournament
1973 placed third at State Tournament
1974 placed third at State Tournament

Participated in four National Volleyball Championships
1971 placed second in Ohio
1972 placed first in Knoxville Tenn.
1973 place tenth in Los Angles, California
1974 placed third in Baltimore, Md.

In 1972 received All-American Award
In 1972 ,1973, 1974 received All State honors

I played at Kellogg Community College for Mick Haley. Before coaching, he played in the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico. He later coached the United States Women’s Olympic Team in Sydney, Australia. When he coached at the University of Texas, they won the NCAA title and also coach at UCS NCAA Champ.
While at Kellogg, the team placed third in Midwest College league. Our only losses were to Ball State and George Williams (Big Ten schools). The team beat Ohio State which would place third at NCAA Tournament that year. Kellogg went on to win the National title for Junior Colleges.

In 1976, the team tied for second in the Midwest where the only loss was to Ball State.
Won the National Title for Junior Colleges.

While attending Kellogg, I took some volleyball courses taught by Mr. Haley on coaching and officiating.

I have played USA Volleyball since 1969 – 2008 during the winter and spring months.

High School for 28 years
Worked over 24 District Championships
Six PIAA State Champions
College Official for last 42years including working for the University of Scranton for the past five coaches to officiate their home games.

USA Official for 30 years, including games for the USA National Team

Girls Junior Varsity at Tunkhannock 1978 – 1982
Boy’s Varsity at Tunkhannock 1983 – 2009
Boy’s Varsity at North Pocono 2010 -2017
Boy’s Varsity at Tunkhannock 2018 -?
My record at Tunkhannock was 355 wins and 51 loses

My record (Tunk. and NP) 414 wins and 65 loses. As a family record (Erin and Jud) we have 763 wins and 65 loses. Tunkhannock team has earned respect from teams around the state and has always been a strong contender in our league

I was Honorable Mention by the United States Volleyball Association, for contributing outstanding participation, motivation and other services, in the promotion of volleyball during the 1987-1988 season.
Keystone Men’s Open for 3 years (team won 2 gold medals and a bronze)
Wyoming Valley Volleyball Coaches’ Association coach of the year for 1991 and 1999
North Pocono my record is 56 wins and 10 lost 2009 – 2017

The University of Scranton Women’s volleyball Coach of the year for Mac 2002 and 2003.
2003 – 2005 MAC Champ
My record 141 wins and 76 loses
Coach Hall Fame of Pa. for volleyball

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